Our expertise

Our expertise
Aviation Consulting
KV Consulting can help both airlines and airports in a wide range of initiatives:

Terminal Capacity Evaluation and Planning (including IATA Level Of Service guidelines). Our experts can help determine your airport's terminal capacity, evaluate if it's matching your growth plans and suggest potential alternative scenarios

Slot Management (from Airport Capacity Planning up to standard operating procedures). Current situation assessment and transition planning

RFP/Technical requirements development (Requirements identification, gap analysis and RFP development for tenders)

Passenger forecasting. We can help with the provision of industry-leading passenger forecasting based on IATA methodology and our combined professional experience

Route Development. KV Consulting is ready to help with Route Development for both airports and airlines

Airport Operations and Ground Handling audits (ISAGO). Ground Handling agreements (ISGHA, SLA) as per IATA AHM

Passenger Processing Assessment and Planning. Passenger Self-Service usability audit. Improving Passenger Satisfaction and Aviation Security

IATA "One ID"/ Unified Biometric Identification Implementations (from Booking to Check-In, Self-Bag-Drop, and Self-boarding).

New revenue streams identification (Non-Aeronautical Revenue opportunities are becoming even more important for recovery)

New Self-Service Focus. Virus and bacterial infection decease prevention are becoming a new №1 priority in Self-Service. Minimizing the risks of spreading deceases means minimum to none Human interaction between Airport staff and Passengers,

Baggage Consultancy for Airports and Airlines. Current Baggage Management and Tracking Assessment. IATA Resolution №753 Implementation Consultancy. RFID Enabled Bag tags implementation

A-CDM Assessments and Consultancy. Going beyond Eurocontrol A-CDM standards, we have experience and understanding in applying A-CDM principles to other countries (including suggestions on National Legislation changes)

Airport/Airlines Operations Control Center Consultancy. Operations and Crisis Control Centers may bring collaboration between stakeholders at a completely different level. Enabling proper communication and integration between different IT systems belonging to different stakeholders, and applying Collaborative Decision-Making principles can help airports and airlines to become more efficient and manage higher volumes of traffic with less staff.

APIS information provisioning and processing. We are ready to help governments to organize the processing of Advanced Passenger Information and shape generic requirements to match with local legislation.

IATA Programs Implementation. Having close working ties with IATA, we are ready to help airports and airlines to progress with the implementation of IATA programs like "Fast Travel", "Smart Security", "Passenger Facilitation" and "One ID"

Business Continuity Planning. Business Recovery Plans. COVID-19 crisis has once again revealed the importance of having proper BCP and Recovery planning. We have extensive practical experience in that area and are ready to help

Aviation Consulting
KV Consulting has united a group of Aviation and IT experts to help airports and airlines to achieve the following goals:

Assist in Digital Transformation Journey (Digital Transformation Strategies, IT Master Plans, Identify key Investment projects and create roadmaps)

Aviation Data Management. Explore which data available and which is missing, how to utilize Big data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in your Enterprise, identify which potential benefits are achievable and how

IT Spendings Cost-Saving Assessment. In the current post-COVID-19 crisis environment it's becoming even more important to control IT spendings. There are always alternative ways to save more and increase the efficiency of IT spendings

IT Infrastructure Assessment and Planning. For a number of regions/countries, it's still a problem to find experts able to design and build mission-critical IT Infrastructure including Data Centers and networks. Working with world-class experts certified by leading International manufacturers we can deliver fault-tolerant and scalable infrastructure providing Operations continuity

IT Services and IT Governance Assessment. KV Consulting can help to assess the current maturity level of IT Services in your organization and suggest a way of improving the quality of IT services

Data Privacy and Data Processing Localization. A number of countries are struggling to provide data privacy and data processing localization according to their local legislations. In some cases, there may be threats of imposing sanctions and limiting National transport infrastructure ability to perform. KV Consulting may suggest a viable approach on how to build a scalable infrastructure

Airports' Master System Integration. Requirements Definition for Complex New Terminal Projects and Upgrades.

Start-Ups and New Ventures in Aviation/Travel and other Industries
KV Consulting is always supporting new startups and ventures in the Aviation and Travel Industry. Our founders have extensive startup experience focused on bringing Innovations to Developing and Developed Countries. KV Consulting is a founding member of AERO IT Alliance (http://www.aeroitalliance.org), a community of Aviation IT Companies bringing Affordable Innovations to the Industry.

This turns to be a very effective approach in helping startup companies to compete with large international rivals, especially in developing countries.

KV Consulting is open to cooperate with start-up companies worldwide. We can help in the following areas:

  • Go to Market Strategies, Partnerships and Alliances
  • Product and Services Consultancy
  • Market Assessment and Addressable Market Study
  • Business Planning
  • Digital Marketing and PR activities
  • Investments Attraction and Venture Capital Funds Interaction
Aviation Market Research & Competitive Analysis
KV Consulting team has delivered a number of market researches for a range of Big 4 Management Consultancy companies including specific market assessments and researches, supporting due diligence, investment decisions and M&A deals.

We help our customers to evaluate new business development opportunities in specific regions, better understand sourcing and supplier selection procedures and criteria, deliver analytics which is going deeper than more common market researches.

Our unique combination of Industry and IT experts is able to deliver and guide you in your decision-making.
Transport Infrastructure Modelling and Development
KV Consulting is cooperating with the leading Universities like SpbGUGA to bring state-of-the-art approaches to Developing and Developed Countries.

Complex Transport Infrastructure Planning. We at KV Consulting are observing a lot of different examples of how National Transport Infrastructures are organized. In a lot of cases, we can hear a "that is historical" explanation.. which is not too efficient and falls far behind the expectation of travelers.

Combining both Academic and Business acumen knowledge, we know how to make your National Trasport Infrastructure modern and convenient to use.

Multimodal Hub Creation. No doubt, Aviation has ultimate importance as a key component of the National Transport Infrastructure. But it's important how it is integrated with other parts of transport infrastructure, how a traveler without local language knowledge can use it. Possessing the world "best practices" in that area, we can create a suitable progressive model for your specific country/region.

Mathematical Imitation Modelling of Transport and Passenger Workflows. Using advanced mathematical modeling and tools, we can emulate forecasted transport and passenger workflows and determine potential bottlenecks. This can be extended to other areas like Baggage and Cargo.

Impact Analysis. We can create a mathematical model to estimate impact analysis from different events, even the COVID-19 pandemic in your country. This can be extremely helpful in creating reasonable forecasts and help to plan further recovery measures.

National and Regional Transport Development Concepts. Combining our knowledge of different transport segments with world "best practices", we can help National Governments to create and execute National Transport Development Concepts.

Smart Cities. Transport Infrastructure is an important part of future Smart Cities. Using advanced technologies and approaches from the aviation industry, we can help to make cities in your region/country smarter and combine data across whole Transport infrastructure (starting from Airpor to bus or even taxi transportation)

Investments Attraction in National Transport Infrastructure. As a part of Transport Infrastructure Development Efforts, we can help to attract foreign investments in the transport sector retaining National Government Control over Strategic Assets.

Digital Marketing and PR
Our approach at KV Consulting is always going beyond regular frames. We see tremendous potential for tourism development in a number of regions/countries.

Airports and Airlines. Technology is important, no doubts here. But it requires quite specific knowledge to make our airport of airline outstanding and convenient for your passengers

Airport/Airline Marketing Strategy/Planning. As competition gets stronger and stronger, it's extremely important to differentiate your Airport/Airline and build a proper marketing communication with both your passengers and your partners.

Airport/Airline Digital Strategies. Social Media Marketing (SMM). Social media and mobile have become key communication channels with Generation Y & Z. Should your company create a Tick-Tock page for your potential clients? Of course, the answer is "it depends". Maybe you should focus more on your social network pages.

We can help to make your Marketing Strategies modern and reaching your audience

Tourism/Destination/Country Promotion Strategies. Across the world, we see very beautiful countries where tourism is .. just undeveloped. This is especially true about countries with wild nature resorts. Some of these attractions are completely unknown to the rest of the world, hardly reachable and absolutely not covered.

In a post-COVID-19 world, we believe natural resorts will be more popular due to lower virus contagion risks.

Attracting new airline partners (Route Conference). Our experience of bringing together both airlines and airports could be helpful in developing and executing plans to bring more tourists to your country.

National Tourism Development Strategies. Having tremendous experience in the Travel Industry as well as Aviation, we can merge this knowledge to help local Governments to fully utilize Tourist potential and support National GDP growth.

Educational and Innovations Programs. Developing joint content for Learning Providers.

KV Consulting is open to cooperate with Universities and Learning Providers worldwide. We can help in the following areas:

Joint Educational Programs creation. University-level programs to bring advanced knowledge to students

Innovations, local R&D, and Start-Ups. Joint initiatives can help boost innovations inception and their acceptance at the National level

Aviation and Aviation IT courses development for learning (and distant-learning) providers.

Local R&D and International cooperation boost. There are universities worldwide looking for cooperation with local universities in your country, eager to share knowledge and facilitate students and professor exchanges. Having deep roots in Academic society, we are ready to help that happen