About us

About us
Established in 2018, we help Aviation and other industries to benefit from applying an unorthodox approach and vision. We bring the unique combined expertise and in Digital Transformation and other areas to help you move forward and bridge together business requirements and technology capabilities.

Some of our key competence areas are listed below:
  • Digital Transformation Strategies
    Governments encourage airports and airlines to make Digitalization a priority in the development of Transport Infrastructure and support investment in technologies that help to boost countries' attractiveness and tourism.
  • COVID-19 impact studies on air travel and related Industries
    What does it mean for different Aviation IT areas, how each area is affected, what business opportunities are there for different vendors.
  • Data Management (Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Applications), and Mathematical Modelling
    Data collection and application are absolutely key to ensure continuous operational improvement. There are a number of ways by which Data may be intelligently collected, managed and used with a variety of either freely available or affordable tools to keep business running.
  • Business Continuity Planning
    Crises like COVID-19 highlights the importance of diligent risk assessment as well as actionable plan and infrastructure readiness to mitigate potential risks' impact, secure service continuity and business manageability in harsh circumstances.
  • Cost Saving and Commercialization Assessment
    We help to identify potential substituting expensive "world-leading products" by not always obvious alternatives (Community platforms).
  • New Markets/Segments Feasibility Studies/Market Research
    Most Developed markets have suffered a lot from the COVID-19 crisis, and the importance of reaching Developing Countries Markets is becoming even more important. This is our special focus and Expertise area on how to do business in Developing Countries and what partnership opportunities are available to reach such customers in a Cost-Efficient manner.
  • Digital Marketing in B2B and B2C domains
    Social distancing and travel limitations raise the importance of Digital Communications, e-commerce, and Social Media Marketing. With an in-depth understanding of best marketing practices, we are ready to help your business to grow.
Our specific Industry Expertise includes (but is not limited) to the following segments:
Aviation Industry (Airports, Airlines, Ground Handlers, Civil Aviation Authorities)
Smart cities and Industrial IoT Applications
Telecommunications and Infrastructure projects
Travel and Hospitality
Complex Transport Infrastructure
KV Consulting is cooperating with a number of leading universities including St. Petersburg State Civil Aviation University to involve both professors and post-graduates in our research and consultancy work to deliver a unique combination of academic knowledge and practical real-world business expertise to our clients.
We unite seasoned professionals with global exposure in different disciplines and areas to deliver the expected high-quality results. We help to overcome obstacles and find a unique path to business success. Our team is passionate about Problem Solving, creating, and executing original strategies together!
Our approach
Not every change is about pure technology or product implementation. In the aviation world projects are successful only when they are based on a clear understanding of where the organization currently stands and where it would like to be. Organizational intelligence is important, and as outside observers, we may speak freely and communicate to the C-suite level on existing roadblocks.
Usually, we structure our engagements into three simple steps:


We are Aviation and Travel industry insiders. We have seen different cases across the globe. Some issues are universal while others are unique to a given context. Technology innovations and new tools may add value only when people, processes and organizations are ready for a change. Organizational roadblocks are as common as technology-related. As seasoned executives, we know how to identify them and offer advice on possible remedies.


Where your organization would like to be? What can make a positive impact on your country or your airport/airline? How to spend less and achieve more? How to identify new revenue sources? How to coordinate efforts with all key stakeholders? What are immediate actions that may bring "quick wins" and what is rather a long-term initiative? How to coordinate all those projects and programs together and create a 'positive disruption' with both Technology and Organization/Business Processes?


Even a brilliant plan may fail without the discipline of execution. Few organizations have sufficient experience to initiate and run multiple projects with external vendors, Project Management practice may be suffering and experienced professionals may be hard to find and attract. Running the extra mile for our customers we help to educate and share our vast knowledge.
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